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Play Well folks,

I am officially a part of the ever crowded world of music. I would like to thank everyone who has already, and will purchase the record. Your comments, Itunes reviews, shares, and tweets mean a lot to me, and I’m honored to be able to share this work with you. I will keep this post short and leave you with the liner notes of the record, which you can download for free in the shop area, where you can also buy the record. Also, I will post the record to listen to on the player, but listen to the opening track “County Fair” here.


This recording was made by the sweat of the laborer and the skill of the artisan.

The songs were formed the way the machine worker cuts the raw iron at his lathe, shredding the excess and leaving only what is useful.

The songs were then arranged and produced under the direction of Calvin Turner; the way the master distiller blends the mash and chooses the barrel, and knows from experience when the color and flavor are fully absorbed from the oak and the bourbon is at its finest.

The musicians crafted their respective part the way the tailor cuts and sews cloth into a suit, measuring carefully so that that each seam is shaped cleanly across the body in a custom fit.

The sounds were engineered by Elliot Lopes the way that the civil engineer designs and overseas the building of a bridge, with attention to minute detail that ensures both stability in it’s structure and beauty in its aesthetics.

Thank you for supporting fine craftsmanship.


Luke Pruitt



I hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. I spent the weekend in Louisville playing a show and then took a detour on the way back to Arkansas to Bloomington, Indiana, because I’d never been there, and it was a rare opportunity to explore a strange place. As I get set to release “Songs of Home, pt. 1” I am certain I will be spending quite a bit of time over the next couple of years in places I’ve never been before, in front of people I’ve never seen before. It’s kind of a scary thought, to always be a stranger to people, but an important part of getting started in the business of taking music to the people.

” Songs of Home, pt. 1″ will be available tomorrow. Obviously, this is an exciting time for me as I begin a career in music, and a strange and hectic time as I learn to deal with each nuance of the business and seek a team of people that will improve my chances of success.

A little background info for “Songs of Home, pt. 1”:

I wrote “Your Man” at the end of last summer and it sort of catalyzed a streak of writing through the fall. I was sharing the songs with my friend and engineer Elliot Lopes and started toying with the idea of recording some of them in a setting other than my home studio. For several years prior to this point I had really been out of the music business altogether, and until I started sharing the songs with Elliot and another encouraging friend I had little intention of re-entering it. I left Nashville in 2009 to get married, and left my hopes of a music career there with Nashville. I had kept playing and writing, but only in inconsistent spurts and mainly just for the personal satisfaction of doing it. I had started attending some college classes here in Fort Smith, Arkansas, studying English and trying to get a long overdue college degree. It was this time that I really regained my interest in writing again. I had spent the summer studying feminism and writing papers about how feminist philosophy can be seen in the TV show “Mad Men”. (I’ve found that explaining this to people makes most of them cringe. However, I could probably do that every day and love every second of it.) Anyway, it was great practice in the skill of writing, and it led to writing songs again, and in some ways shaped the foundation for the concept of “Songs of Home”.

It was this time that Elliot introduced me to Calvin Turner as a possible producer for the record. Calvin is a bass player/producer/and arranger living in L.A., and after talking to him and Elliot about the project, it seemed to be a great fit. Calvin’s skills in arranging, his reputation as a musician, and his experience in the studio were an ideal fit for my songs. So, I continued writing until we agreed on six to take into the studio, and in December, we took a band into the studio and made an EP.


There is a song about a young kid learning to make money with his guitar, a song about a Ma and Pa Vietnamese restaurant, and the story of it’s refugee owners. And of course, songs about love, what it means to us, how it makes us feel, and how it’s such a difficult thing to express with words.

Needless to say, I’m extremely honored to have my name on this product. I’ve done plenty of recordings throughout my life, but none that I have been so eager to present to people and share with people. For now, finding live shows and every opportunity to expose people to my music is a top priority, and “Songs of Home, pt. 2” is starting to take shape as I begin writing it. I will certainly be keeping up with each of you and look forward to performing these songs for you.




Hey everyone,

I’m releasing the first single from “Songs of Home, pt. 1” today, and you can download it in “The Goods” section. This is the first song that I wrote for the record, and Calvin Turner did a great job on the production and the horns arrangements. I have also released a free download of the liner notes for the finished record which you will also see in the shop.

I’ve spent the morning trying to figure out the shop section of the website, and hopefully this will be a good learning experience as I head into releasing the rest of it. I noticed that once I checkout and click “Download File” there is some confusion in the site, and it will send you to another page where the ticker starts spinning but the download doesn’t occur. I found that refreshing the page makes it download automatically, or you could select “Download File” to open in another tab. I hope that you are able to access the file without problems. If you do have problems, feel free to contact me at

also, check out the upcoming shows. I am playing a set tonight at George’s Majestic lounge at 8:30, opening for the Casey Donahew Band. I hope that you can make it out if you’re in the area. Enjoy the song. Share it, rate it, tell me what you think about it. I hope you all have a great weekend.



The Goods