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Well hey everyone,

I’ve been fairly absent yet again with the blog, but here I am. I always keep a little bit of guilt in my heart for not using this blog as much as I should, but then I figure I maybe just don’t have anything real bloggy to say. Most of the things that I want to discuss in the world are based in social matters and politics, so maybe eventually my rants will make their way on here, but for now I figure I’ll just use it to occasionally try to sell you some music (people pay money for music?) or invite you to some show so you can buy a t-shirt. I’ll try to be clever about it in the process.

Anyway, onto the news: I’ve recently put a band together. You can see a performance in this video below.

That was a show at South on Main in Little Rock a couple weeks ago, and we had a great time. The crowd noise isn’t actually part of the song, and none of the audience members get any credit as being part of the band. I do give them credit for being a great and respectful crowd though, even though there was some chattiness going on in that particular video.

I’ve learned a lot about audiences since hurling myself back into the world of music performance. Mostly I’ve learned that it’s almost always unpredictable how the audience will behave at a music performance, and I’ve learned to engage with who I can, and not be upset about those who I can’t. Don’t misunderstand me, I love playing for a crowd that is fully attentive, but we can’t script our audience, and frankly, at this point in my career I feel humbled and fortunate to have people in the room.

I learned an important lesson in this last winter when I saw Paul Simon and Sting in concert in Dallas. We had great seats in the first ten rows or so, and it never failed that when a quieter or lesser known song was played, people around us would start talking to the point of distraction. I was annoyed as a ticket buyer, but had to laugh a bit at the realization that a fully attentive audience is difficult to find even at the highest rungs of the music business ladder.

Anyway, enough about that. This band is really cool, and we are playing a show at George’s Majestic on June 25th on a split bill with Elise Davis, a Little Rock native who has taken her songwriting talent to Nashville. It’s going to be a great time.

I am also gearing up to release “Songs of Home, pt. 2” in the fall. It’s been finished for a while, but I’ve been taking my time on releasing it, partly because I’m trying to build a team of people who know how to release a record and strategize accordingly, and also because we just added another baby boy to the Pruitt clan in March, and daddy duties call. I finally feel like I’m getting my head above water, though, so the ball is starting to roll.

I recently did a little interview on KNON Dallas radio where I give a little insight into the concept of “Songs of Home, pt. 2”, along with an acoustic performance of “County Fair”, a song from part 1 who’s main character is part of the main story line of part 2. I will link that on this blog for you to hear, and I’ve got some more stuff coming that I’ll keep you posted on. I hope some of you can make it out to George’s on the 25th, or at least share this with folks who may be able to. Best to you all, and take care.