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Well, spring is here and it’s good to get some vitamin D.  I just got back home from a tour to upstate New York to perform the album on WDST Woodstock.  The link is here:

It’s an ideal way to hear the record.  I enjoy the trio setup with bass and drums, and these guys (Caleb Dollister and Sam Trapchak) both live in Queens, so I have a band in New York while living in Arkansas, which is a testament to how geographically confusing my life has been since beginning this venture into making records a couple of years ago.


I hope you enjoy the show.  It’s been a fun trip up to the northeast.  I’m glad to be back home for a bit, and will spend the next couple of weeks trying to get a plan together for the future.  I’ll keep you all posted.  In the meantime, stay cool and enjoy the spring weather.  Best.