Cabin Fever, A Coming Spring, and New Discovery In Music

Mar 7, 2014

As we prepare to “spring forward” this weekend, it seems fitting that this winter of all winters give us one last (hopefully) blast of ice and snow this past week. Lauren and Will managed to get out of town before it hit, leaving me stranded in Nashville by myself for several days longer than anticipated. I was supposed to see a Willie Nelson concert at the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville on Tuesday, but instead was holed up in a Nashville condo, infected by the cabin fever. One would think that this would lend itself to some productivity time, and had this been a normal winter it might have. Instead, I renounced productivity and gave into the slothful symptoms of a late winter cabin fever, the one where you watch movies in sweat pants and eat chips. Classy, I know (next photo shoot?).

A bright spot in this is that I managed to catch a Robert Ellis show at The Basement that I wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise. I bought Robert’s newest album “The Lights From The Chemical Plant” the week before and was intrigued by it. I expected the show to be good, but good doesn’t begin to describe it. The band was great, the songs were great, and Robert Ellis can play the guitar as fluently as any songwriter I have seen. He is relatively new on the scene, and in the middle of a long tour through the south right now promoting the record. Check out his website, and if you can, I recommend buying the record and catching a show if he’s stopping by your area. You won’t be disappointed.

In other news, I have gotten the EP, “Songs of Home, pt. 1” mastered and ready for production. I’m waiting on some album art and am inching closer to release. I am also gearing up for more live performances and hope that I will be playing somewhere close to each of you that read. In the meantime, I will be practicing, writing, and juggling the final stages of getting the EP ready for release, and then practicing some more. Nashville is a funny town. There are few places that you can spend all day practicing and think to yourself “I’m getting pretty good at this…” and then walk into any music store in town and hear five people playing that make you think “maybe I should go home and practice some more.” The Lovin’ Spoonful song “Nashville Cats” comes to mind. The city is a great reminder that no matter how talented you are, or how proficient you are, you can always be better. I’m hopeful for improvement, especially if mother nature is done blowing ice storms at us for a while. Have a great weekend.




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