Confederate Symbolism during the Civil Rights Movement

Jul 28, 2015

As our nation debates the place that Confederate symbolism has in our government buildings and our history, last night my hometown voted to discontinue the use of my former high school’s mascot, the Rebel, and fight song “Dixie”.  Prior to the vote I decided to spend some time researching the integration policy in Fort Smith after the Brown v. Board of Education ruling in 1954, and how Confederate symbolism was used locally and nationally leading up to the time that Southside High School opened it’s doors and chose it’s mascot in 1963.

It’s always a fun process to research and write essays, and especially when the topic is relevant to current local and national discussion.  It was also nice of The City Wire, a local Fort Smith news publication to offer me an outlet for it.

To A Town Divided: The History of the Southside Rebel





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