Luke Pruitt Live || A Beginning

Jun 5, 2014

Last Friday I did a release party for all my friends and family here in Fort Smith. It was a sort of test run for how we will attempt to promote “Songs of Home, pt. 1” over this next year. Being a hometown show, it allowed us to control the environment enough to give an ideal setting for my show. A small and intimate setting allows me to give the stories behind the songs, my motivation for writing them, other useless information, and all of that while telling funny jokes hilarious jokes. And who doesn’t enjoy a nice love song on the acoustic guitar?

So, there’s what you missed. I am doing another release party tonight at The Independent Denim & Essentials on the Fayetteville square tonight, Thursday, June 5th, at 6pm. I’m not sure if they can get the lighting as chiaroscuro as the above video, or as me and my friend Jade Howard did in this picture (Taken in the Independent dressing room…). 10376144_10101829871285455_5195733583625520529_n

My gratitude to those who came out and supported me is difficult to express. This is an exciting time for me, and I am starting to build some momentum, it seems. I am also thankful to have such a great team to help with these sorts of events. My very talented brother Clay Pruitt filmed and edited the video you just watched, and my wonderful wife put together a pretty stunning merchandise table

Merch Table


I am working on bringing this to your city, and would love to hear from you about where you live, where I should play, how you’re enjoying the new record, and what your favorite songs are. I won’t really know how many copies of this thing I’ve sold on Itunes for another 6 weeks or so, so I’m interested to know who’s listening and what you’re thinking about it.

The key is this: If you dig it, share it.

I can’t overstate that enough. Tell your friends you like it. And then tell some more friends. And then I’ll come to your town and we will throw a party. If you’re not gonna do it for me, at least do it for the party.

See you soon.



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