Luke Pruitt: Summer 2014 update

Sep 10, 2014

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a bit absent from the website this summer as I’ve been traveling to play shows and promote “Songs of Home, pt. 1.” When I originally started this website my hopes were to post a couple times a month or more, and I’ve discovered that writing blog posts can be time consuming. While I want to keep everyone updated on what I’m doing, it is always a fine balance between self promotion and improving my craft. I have a sort of allergic reaction to self promotion, so I naturally lean toward spending more time working on writing and, as of late, performance.

I have gotten to do some great shows this summer and also meet some great folks. I recently opened for The Dirty River Boys at George’s Majestic in Fayetteville, and they invited me to Austin to do another show with them. I’ve learned a lot this summer and have recently started a AAA/Americana radio campaign. This is an exciting time as I get to experience part of the musicians dream of putting music in front of radio listeners. I am going for adds to radio rotation next week and hope that, if you hear me out there on the radio waves, you will let your local radio DJ know that you like what you hear, and would like to hear more.

I am also looking to book more shows, and have found this to be the most challenging part of this whole business. Obviously, the field of performing musicians is competitive, and as I try to put myself in the position of those club owners who book, I can understand why it happens that way. I don’t have a large network of friends in any specific towns that allow me to promise those club owners a crowd, and so I rely on some folks to give me a shot as an opening act, and work on making the show the best that it can be in the meantime.

In addition to that, and since the shows have been inconsistent, I have been spending much of my time researching and writing “Songs of Home, pt. 2” and plan to go into the studio in November to record it. I have collected some great stories for this record and hope that I am able to present them in these songs in a way that speaks to the listener as much as the stories speak to me personally. While getting started in the music industry can be a challenging grind at times, it is sharing these stories with people that has become an inspirational focus. I will continue to update the website as I book more shows, and I hope that everyone has had a great summer.



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