Musical Beginning

Jan 17, 2014

When my oldest brother graduated high school in 1995, his senior trip was a backpacking tour through Europe. About a week into the trip, he decided to spend most of his travel budget on a new guitar. My parents were, unsurprisingly, not happy when he called them for more money the next week, and their amazement at the decision making of an 18 year old has left my family a story that we joke about to this day.

The guitar was an Epiphone Chet Atkins SST model, the foreign made version of the Gibson SST that Dave Matthews had popularized. When my brother returned home, I remember sitting in his room for hours and watching him learn Blues Traveler, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, and whatever else was on the radio at the time. He would sometimes let me play around with the guitar and would teach me things here and there. The next summer he left for college but let me keep the guitar to play because he had an acoustic to take with him. I would call both of my brothers on the phone to learn new songs, and music soon became an obsession that would shape my youth, keeping me in my room for hours a day after school learning and creating music.

I was 14 when I had my first “songwriting moment,” that first glimpse of a completed song that forms seemingly out of thin air. I sat with a notepad and guitar, shaping the lyrics and the guitar part to my satisfaction. I completed the song and had begun my fascination with the writing process, and the feeling I am creating something completely unique that no one has done in exactly the same way. There is a magic to it that could keep anyone searching for more of it, and it certainly has me.

In December, I recorded six of my latest songs. They were written from August through December. I am proud to put my name on each of them, and look forward to bringing you the finished product. It is titled Songs of Home, pt. 1, and I will have it finished and ready for release by late spring or early summer. While I will use this website and blog as a promotional tool for my music, I hope that each post can engage everyone in discussion on music, writing, and whatever else we can come up with. Music is something that effects each of us as human beings, regardless of personal taste in genre, or whether you are a casual listener or a professional in the music business.

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