Songs of Home, pt. 1- It is here.

May 29, 2014

Well folks,

I am officially a part of the ever crowded world of music. I would like to thank everyone who has already, and will purchase the record. Your comments, Itunes reviews, shares, and tweets mean a lot to me, and I’m honored to be able to share this work with you. I will keep this post short and leave you with the liner notes of the record, which you can download for free in the shop area, where you can also buy the record. Also, I will post the record to listen to on the player, but listen to the opening track “County Fair” here.


This recording was made by the sweat of the laborer and the skill of the artisan.

The songs were formed the way the machine worker cuts the raw iron at his lathe, shredding the excess and leaving only what is useful.

The songs were then arranged and produced under the direction of Calvin Turner; the way the master distiller blends the mash and chooses the barrel, and knows from experience when the color and flavor are fully absorbed from the oak and the bourbon is at its finest.

The musicians crafted their respective part the way the tailor cuts and sews cloth into a suit, measuring carefully so that that each seam is shaped cleanly across the body in a custom fit.

The sounds were engineered by Elliot Lopes the way that the civil engineer designs and overseas the building of a bridge, with attention to minute detail that ensures both stability in it’s structure and beauty in its aesthetics.

Thank you for supporting fine craftsmanship.


Luke Pruitt


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