Songs of Home, pt. 1

Apr 7, 2014

Ain't I Lucky (Acoustic)

On May 29th I will have my first EP, “Songs of Home, pt. 1” available to you. It has been a great experience seeing this project become a reality since I began writing last summer, and I am excited to be able to offer it to the music listener. Though I’ve been creating and performing music for most of my life, I have never released anything to the public. In the weeks to come before the release, I will be filling you in on the background of the project, who is involved, and what I have planned for future projects.

Today, I am sharing an acoustic version of a song off of the EP, titled “Ain’t I Lucky”. This is a song that I wrote to perform at a friends wedding this past fall. I like the light hearted nature of the song and the playfulness of the narrator, trying to put an economic value on “love”. As excited as I am to bring you this song, I am equally as excited to have Jillia Jackson accompanying me on background vocals. Jillia is a Fort Smithian and long time friend (we go back to first grade…) who has been in Nashville making music for years. When I played this song for her a few weeks ago she was excited to sing it with me and I am honored to have her. It is inspiring to share music with people who’s talent you admire. There is a kinship to it that I don’t know of in any other facet of life.

So, enjoy the song, and the album cover. The picture was taken by Jade Howard and the text was done by Bryce Harrison. I look forward to bringing you more information in the coming weeks. Take care.



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